‘Crazy for this little town!’ Manhunt launched as police cruiser shot at, catches fire

Massachusetts state police and local cops are looking for a man who fired at a police officer driving a police cruiser, striking the vehicle at least once […]

Social media explodes with accusations of racism over Taylor Swift’s new video

Even pop princess and all-around goodie-two-shoes Taylor Swift isn’t good enough for 2015, with a new Swift video release being plagued by charges of racism from all […]

Trump’s surprising response to Kanye for president

Donald Trump is ready for rapper Kanye West. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 2016 Republican presidential front-runner said he watched West’s speech at the MTV […]

Arby’s REFUSED SERVICE to uniformed cop; PR cleanup after chief demands apology

In an era when anti-cop demonstrations are getting out of hand, the police chief of a Florida city didn’t take it quietly when one of his officers […]

Dispute erupts between Texas sheriff’s office and TV station over ‘unethical’ video of suspect being shot

A dispute has erupted between police and the media in San Antonio, Texas, after a man was shot and killed by cops responding to a domestic violence […]

black guy
‘Real live black guy’ helps whites avoid being called racist: Buy Confederate Flags From A Black

A “real-live black guy” has come up with a hilarious, if not historical, entrepreneurial ploy involving the Confederate flag. In an effort to prove that they are […]

On-air reporter overcome with excitement at breathtaking rare spotting of blue whale

Overcome by excitement and emotion, a BBC One reporter is beside himself after an extremely rare spotting of a blue whale off the coast of California. Steve Backshall was […]

Sick anti-cop emoji graffiti turning up in Texas following cop’s execution

While much of America mourns the loss of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth, there is an evil element in the country who not only celebrate the […]

‘You ain’t going nowhere’: Angry mob of cyclists block woman driver, smash up her car

A group of San Francisco bicyclists got into a heated altercation with a motorist that quickly escalated into violence. A video posted to YouTube Saturday shows the […]

Fiorina, Levin at odds over Kentucky clerk refusing to issue gay marriage licenses

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has sided against a Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses for gay couples and received immediate pushback from […]

Fox News host sues Hasbro for big-eyed ‘Little Pet Shop’ hamster with her name – can you guess who?

Yes, the toy hamster has eye makeup.

Weiner plays alpha dog, defends Huma against Trump – can’t wait for the response to this

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who continues to engage on multiple fronts in a war of words, saw Anthony Weiner fire a return salvo Tuesday in defense of […]