‘Twisted’ unofficial Trump fight song gets put to good use

It’s the perfect unofficial Trump fight song!

A group called “Strengthen the USA” has chosen the 1984 Twisted Sister anthem as a call to arms for Americans who feel like politicians have hijacked the country.

Love him or hate him, the song fits the motivational pro-Trump YouTube video, put together with one theme: “We’re not gonna take it!”

Thom Stewart is a big fan. His comment captured a sample of what Trump’s attraction has been leading up to the GOP nomination for 2016.

The last time I was this moved was the Madison Rising video they made with the National Anthem! Moving, inspiring, and emotion generating. I’m a 66 year old married vet who can laugh with tears in his eyes! I hope it becomes official and we play it at the swearing in ceremony on Jan. 26, 2017!

Craving a blast from 1984? HERE’S the original, extended video.
Twisted 2


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