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Trump uses Jeb’s dad’s ‘Willie Horton’ tactic to attack him, libs run to Bush’s defense

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Trump AdRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is borrowing a move from George H.W. Bush’s playbook to attack his son Jeb as being weak on illegal immigration.

In an ad that has drawn comparisons to the elder Bush’s Willie Horton ad, Trump released a video on Instagram Monday that played Jeb Bush’s speech about illegal aliens committing an “act of love” by coming to America, contrasted with pictures of illegals who have committed horrid crimes.

Willie Horton was serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole for murder in Massachusetts. He was released on a weekend furlough program while Bush’s opponent in the 1988 race for president, Michael Dukakis, was governor of Massachusetts.

While on furlough, Horton committed a series of violent crimes that included robbery and rape before being recaptured. The Bush campaign seized the issues and slammed Dukakis with a barrage of ads about the case to make him look weak on crime.

In much the same way, the Trump campaign is using the cases of illegal alien violence and laying them at the feet of Jeb Bush asking if these violent acts are an “act of love.”

“Love?” the ad asks. “It’s time to get tough.”

Interestingly, hardcore liberals and liberal groups got on Twitter and slammed Trump for the attack on Bush.

Which makes one wonder why liberals are rushing to the defense of Bush.

This is no “act of love” as Jeb Bush said…

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