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Team Jeb hits back hard with damning attack ad on Trump ‘in his own words’

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Only one day after Republican front-runner Donald Trump released an ad blasting rival Jeb Bush for his statements on illegal immigration, the Bush campaign hit back with a lengthy Twitter ad of Trump statements over the past decades.

And “in his own words,” he doesn’t sound very Republican.

Hitting Trump with years worth of statements that would infuriate the Republican base is a solid tactic – and the clips showing Trump praising both Clintons and calling himself “very pro-choice” should make skins crawl. But whether they’ll get traction where it counts remains to be seen. They are already doubters.  

And Trump loyalists who just don’t give a damn about 15 years ago.

But one thing the ad shows is how deeply the Bush campaign knows it’s in a fight for a nomination most of the mainstream media and party elite had already conceded to the latest scion of the Bush dynasty.

Monday’s attack by Trump was only the most recent — it’s not the most brutal Bush will see.

In December, Bush famously said a nominee should be prepared to “lose the primary to win the general” if that was how best to appeal to centrist voters.

Maybe someone in the Bush campaign has figured out that isn’t how the country works.


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