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Pathetic Democrat Party embraces ‘Kanye for President’ – you’ve gotta see this!

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No group seems to be giddier than the Democrat Party over Kanye West’s pot-induced proclamation that he’ll be making a run for president in 2020.

For real!

The official Twitter account of the Democrat Party unabashedly admitted the libs’ delight over West’s presidential announcement at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night with several mock-worthy Twitter posts on Monday.

With the Dems having nothing but old, rich, boring white people of the elite political establishment as their current presidential hopefuls, it seems the party is ready to skip ahead to 2020.

It tested the “Kanye-waters” by posting a series of Gifs using the pop star, along with slams against various Republican presidential contenders.

It’s all “facts, schmacts” when you think you’ve got Kanye on your side.

Desperate, even.

Democrat debates? What debates?

Kanye West’s drug-fueled ambitions aren’t the only distractions Dems are welcoming. They’ll take any they can get, including ginning up a presidential meet-and-greet and some general platitudes to garner some enthusiasm.

Unfortunately for them, most of the attention was from the other side of the political aisle.

The whole Kanye-post-thing even had some Liberals asking, “what’s up?”


H/T: Twitchy.com


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