Another 7,000 emails – 125 classified – and 2 shows that Hillary may be watching from jail

It’s like wading through the landfill after the garbage truck has disgorged its contents—reading through another 7,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s private emails. The emails were dumped […]

Sheriff Clarke faces off with Lamont Hill over Black Lives Matter: ‘It’s a ‘vile, vulgar, slimy movement’

Sheriff David Clarke didn’t hold back in order to enlighten CNN viewers on Monday with the ugly truth of the Black Lives Matter movement. The CNN host […]

Rosie O’Donnell slams Hasselbeck for asking why Black Lives Matter isn’t classified as hate group

Rosie O’Donnell hauled in a full net of far-left race baiters after she trolled Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck for asking the question on many Americans’ minds. […]

‘Twisted’ unofficial Trump fight song gets put to good use

It’s the perfect unofficial Trump fight song!

Presidential hopeful brings northern border into immigration debate; Canada FIRES BACK

We’ll continue to remind our American friends . . .

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Why hasn’t Black Lives Matter been classified yet as a hate group?

Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck angered progressives from coast to coast on Monday after she dared to ask an honest question about the Black Lives Matter Movement. “Why […]

Trump says he’ll change name of mountain BACK; megalomaniac Obama can stick it

While some Alaskans may be happy with President Obama’s renaming of Mount McKinley back to its original name of Denali, others, including Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump […]

Not Wonder Woman! School bans superhero lunchbox, actress Lynda Carter takes notice

Having solved the heinous problem of Pop-Tart-shaped pistols and the evils of eating Oreos, schools seem capable of banning practically anything—making one parent’s claim that their daughter’s […]

‘Pigs in a blanket . . .’ Ex-DEA agent confronts ‘Black Lives’ leader over disgusting chant

Fireworks exploded when the leader of the Minnesota Black Lives Matter march that called for “frying” police clashed with a former Drug Enforcement Agency agent. Rashad Turner told CNN’s […]

Trump uses Jeb’s dad’s ‘Willie Horton’ tactic to attack him, libs run to Bush’s defense

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is borrowing a move from George H.W. Bush’s playbook to attack his son Jeb as being weak on illegal immigration. In an […]

‘We will start creeping up on you in darkness’: Black Panthers to TX cops, weeks before shooting

Two weeks before Shannon Miles was charged with the execution-style killing of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth on August 28, Black Panther members held an armed protest in […]

Nelson Murphy
Florida Five: Nelson calls for independent redistricting commission, Murphy backs Iran deal

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Senator Nelson calls for independent redistricting commission for Florida – The repeated failures of the Florida Legislature to […]