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FURIOUS Curt Schilling throws heat over media ‘smearing’

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curtschilling0901A sports website that received a scathing letter from baseball great and outspoken conservative Curt Schilling probably thought it was embarrassing Schilling by making it public.

Instead if was giving Americans more reason to admire the man whose views got him suspended from his ESPN commentary job.

In a supposedly private letter to Dan Levy, a writer for the sports media website Awful Announcing, Schilling made clear the frustration he was feeling over the controversy surrounding his tweet:

I don’t have a racist bone in my body, never have. Anyone that knows me even a little knows that.

Yet you, like so many others, continue to destroy what’s left of the publics trust and confidence in media by creating a story of your own design and liking when you didn’t need to, and smearing someone’s reputation to do it. Any thought at all as to my children and their thoughts if they read the lie you created?

ESPN suspended Schilling Aug. 25 after he posted a tweet comparing the percentage of Muslims worldwide who favor Muslim extremists to the percentage of Germans before World War II who favored the Nazi party. Schilling deleted the tweet after he posted it, but here’s a screen shot of it.

It’s tough to argue with.


Naturally, the libs in the media got offendedSchilling had to apologize and pull the tweet.

But as the letter makes clear, he resented the coverage. Awful Annnouncing, for instance, headlined a short piece on the post, “Curt Schilling publishes horrible tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis.”

There’s no way any honest person could read that tweet and conclude Schilling was “comparing Muslims to Nazis.” But honesty can be in short supply at media outlets where libs are in charge, so that’s how the tweet was widely presented. It’s how the sports giant known as ESPN chose to interpret it, and it’s how the sports world in general portrayed it:

Sporting News (headline): “Curt Schilling doth protest too much: I don’t have a racist bone in my body”

Sports Illustrated (lead sentence): ESPN analyst Curt Schilling has apologized for an offensive tweet he sent Tuesday morning comparing Muslims and Nazi-era Germans.

ESPN statement: “Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable and in no way represents our company perspective.”

Schilling also made clear in his letter to Awful Announcing that he considered it a private matter between himself and the writer, but the site chose to make it public.

For its own sake, it shouldn’t have.

Reading the letter in full just gives the reading a better appreciation for Schilling — and respect for his views.

Journalism — and sports journalism in particular — comes away looking worse, again.







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