Russian airstrikes begin in Syria, making a mockery of Obama leadership in the Middle East

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a bold move Wednesday to take over from the United States as the dominant power in the Middle East by launching airstrikes […]

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ tricks Hillary voters into agreeing with Trump — and they don’t like it

Late-night comedy generally reserves its fire for Republicans, but when the guns turn on Democrat candidates — and their low-information voters — the results can be devastating. […]

Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ has a history of trouble the White House doesn’t want you to know about

As the media continues to fawn over the Muslim “clock boy” in Irving, Texas, reports are now coming out that Ahmed Mohamed is no stranger to getting […]

‘Sexy cop’ costume for girls gets mom fuming; and the company responds how?

An outraged mom is claiming Party City blocked her on after she posted an open letter expressing concern over a “sexy cop” Halloween costume. Lin Kramer […]

Liberal heads explode as Vatican confirms pope met secretly with clerk in gay marriage fight

Progressives who were claiming Pope Francis as one of their own are starting to lose faith after the Vatican on Wednesday confirmed the pope met secretly with […]

No Hillary poor-mouthing! Trump goes on offensive after Forbes ‘cuts’ his net worth in HALF

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump wants you to know he is far from being “dead bre.” The real estate mogul and presidential candidate is now picking a […]

army patch
‘100% Haji style!’ Army combat patch for Obama’s war on Islamic State has troops FURIOUS

A pitched battle is brewing over a combat patch approved earlier this year for U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq — because American soldiers think it loslike […]

Immigrant racks up millions in food stamp fraud; ‘The first million didn’t trigger any alarms?’

Proving just how inept the government can be when it comes to entitlement fraud — and how easily even immigrants can learn to game the American system […]

Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch team up on gun-grabbing ‘Pinhead’; ‘this guy gets HATEFUL’

Dana Loesch is firing back at the anti-gun extremist who published a video on social media showing the popular gun-rights activist shooting herself in the head. Loesch, […]

emergency room
Confused woman uses BUILDER’S FOAM for hair gel, and the results are hair-raising …

There are mistakes in life, and then there are MISTAKES. After confusing builder’s foam for mousse, a woman got “volume” than she ever bargained for. Giving […]

Obama’s EPA issues warning about SUNLIGHT — and social media ridicule follows

The EPA may have just jumped the environmental shark. The Environmental Protection Agency tweeted out a warning, as part of its war against so-called climate change, alerting […]

‘You are sick’: Social media trashes Wasserman Schultz for Planned Parenthood stunt

Debbie Wasserman Schultz makes a great living flipping the truth on its head, and thelatest example came Tuesday in her stance to support Planned Parenthood, the largest […]

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