Video: Residents of New Orleans had nothing but love as George Bush busted a move with them

Former President George W. Bush showed off his dancing skills as he toured New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago, during his administration. Bush and […]

Palin’s Trump interview so hot, fans crashed website

Two favorites of anti-establishment conservatives — former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump — came together in a highly anticipated interview Friday night. Interest […]

Hands off Huma! Team Hillary tries to scold Trump for Weiner roast, others say ‘pass the marshmallows’

While Team Hillary was preoccupied with putting out the fire, the rest of America wanted to roast a few marshmallows. Hillary Clinton rarely goes off message, but one […]

Ed Henry responds to Queen Hillary’s uppity shot

After Hillary Clinton’s snarky confrontation with him earlier Friday, Fox News reporter Ed Henry took the high road in responding to her increasing frustration over his tough questions. Henry appeared […]

Trump just roasted ‘perv, sleazebag’ Anthony Weiner to everyone’s delight! ‘Bing bing bing’

Voters have one certainty in the crowded 2016 presidential race: that Donald Trump will tell it like it is — unfortunately for Anthony Weiner. While talking about Hillary […]

On-air killer closely identified himself with 9/11 terrorists; police find shocking evidence in home

Letters found inside the home and car of the Virginia man who murdered a TV reporter news reporter and her cameraman on the air Wednesday reveal that […]

Texas on-duty cop shot execution style while pumping gas: UPDATE manhunt continues

UPDATE: In a 2pm press conference, Sheriff Ron Hickman clarified earlier reports stating a suspect was in custody. “We’ve not taken anybody into custody, Hickman said. “We […]

Bob Beckel returns to cable news after break with Fox . . . reunites with CNN

Political analyst Bob Beckel returned to cable news Friday night, this time on CNN, and his opening shot was a joke. “Now we’re back and reunited together, […]

O’Reilly: Erosion of spiritual belief in this country is causing the barbaric behavior

Stricter gun laws would not have prevented the on-air shooting deaths of a young TV reporter and her cameraman in Virginia on Wednesday, says Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “Sadly, there […]

Krauthammer slaps Trump with backhanded compliment: ‘Greatest reality TV show ever done’

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer is doing his best to politely delegitimize Donald Trump’s surging presidential campaign. “His campaign is the greatest reality television show ever done,” Krauthammer said […]

Joe Biden goofy
Biden opposed bin Laden raid – you want him as US president?

Joe Biden has “a lot of experience being wrong.” With rumors flying that the vice president is considering a 2016 White House run, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio […]

Obama administration just killed McDonald’s as you know it

The Obama administration is still hard at work dismantling the economic engine the late President Ronald Reagan carefully put in place 30-plus years ago, and this time […]

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