Coward leaves disgusting note on Marine vet’s car: ‘ . . .you islamaphobe vets deserve to die’

A disgusting note that a coward left on the car of an Iraq War veteran, wishing for his death, is going viral online. The incident happened Thursday […]

Dad shoots down drone hovering over sunbathing daughter; felony arrest sparks privacy debate

A Kentucky father, protecting his daughter’s honor, fought a drone — and the drone lost. But in what could be considered a rewrite of the old Bobby Fuller Four […]

Jokes fly like bullets after gun-grabbers demand Apple bans gun-shaped emoji from iPhones

Even images of weapons aren’t safe from gun grabbers. In an attempt to pressure lawmakers into passing restrictive gun control measures, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence launched an […]

Student punished by college for speaking his mind on social media: ‘I was in shock’

Welcome to college. Just hand over your First Amendment rights at the door. A Texas Christian University student was disciplined recently for what the school termed “infliction of […]

Ingraham: ‘Hillary implies Jeb’s a bigot . . . Jeb responds by praising Obama’

Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham blasted Jeb Bush for responding to a Hillary Clinton slam against him by praising President Obama. Echoes of ’92: Hillary implies Jeb’s a bigot […]

Vacation central WH takes shot at GOP for summer break; ironic quote of the week!

White House press secretary Josh Earnest took at a puzzling shot at Republicans for “skipping town” early after the GOP-led House adjourned a day early for its annual summer break. […]

Elderly veteran’s flag burned right off of house, vandals spray ‘blacks rule’ in driveway

The ridiculous campaign against Confederate symbols shows no signs of abating, as demonstrated by a disturbing crime in Mississippi. Bob Comans, an 85-year-old Korean War veteran, discovered he was a victim […]

Sheriff David Clarke explains Sandra Bland’s traffic stop ‘thru a cops eyes’

“People’s Sheriff” David Clarke will walk through Sandra Bland’s traffic stop “through a cop’s eyes” in his Saturday podcast. Bland hanged herself in her jail cell on July 13, three […]

Trump talks debate prep – and it’s not what you expect!

Chances are Donald Trump has mastered the art of “under-promise, over-deliver.” The man best known for his confidence, even arrogance, has a surprisingly humble attitude toward his […]

Hillary aide Huma facing ‘criminal’ conduct investigation; BUSTED by using Clinton’s secret email

The swirling vortex of Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden past may sink one of her top aides for illegally dipping into the public trough, despite investigators’ being thwarted by Clinton’s […]

Coulter, as Trump’s ‘new DHS director,’ says there’d be ‘no pussyfooting around,’ no Cinco de Mayo, no Ramadan . . .

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter hints that she may be vying for a position in a future Donald Trump administration — as secretary of the Department of […]

Obama-appointed judge, and reported bundler for president, halts release of Planned Parenthood videos

A federal judge has granted a restraining order temporarily barring the release of additional undercover videos directed against Planned Parenthood officials. The order was in response to […]

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