‘Thank you for being bold and badass’; waitress’s gratitude to firefighters takes heartwarming turn

When a New Jersey waitress showed her gratitude to two firefighters by paying for their meals, she never expected they would return the favor in such a big […]

Obama’s negotiating partner, Iran’s leader, wrote the book on DESTROYING ISRAEL

While President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were busy capitulating to the every demand of the Iranian regime Iran’s supreme leader had something else on […]

Trump has NO APOLOGIES for feuds with GOP rivals; ‘I didn’t start the attacks!’

Donald Trump wants Americans to know he is not to blame for his attacks on other Republicans. The 2016 Republican presidential front-runner appeared on ABC’s “This Week” […]

Young girl gets astonishing answer to ‘letter to heaven’ for deceased dad

There are times when things can’t be explained. There are other times when there can only be ONE explanation: divine intervention. You can be the judge which […]

Confederate rally draws throng of supporters, and protesters itching for a fight

Hundreds of people turned out Saturday in support of a pro-Confederate flag rally in Stone Mountain, Ga., and their numbers overwhelmed the handful who turned out to […]

Flashback: Donald Trump lays out his case to Oprah — ‘Tired of seeing the country ripped off’

The brashness that makes GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump so appealing to voters today was just as appealing 27 years ago to an audience made up primarily […]

Wasserman Schultz doubles down on stupidity; gets a new POUNDING on social media

Having flubbed the question once, it’d be a safe bet to assume that Debbie Wasserman Schultz would be better prepared the next time she’s asked to explain […]

Illegal alien flees felony charges in a stolen car — tries to CHEW OFF his own fingerprints

File this one under bizarre. When Lee County, Florida, sheriff’s deputies stopped a 2015 Mercedes that had been reported stolen, the charges they racked up against the […]

Kerry peddles Iran deal to House: We don’t need no stinking Constitution!

Secretary of State John Kerry made a statement last week that was so outrageous it even made a Hollywood actor’s jaw drop. Rep. Reid Ribble asked Kerry […]

Mexican man held in ‘Good Samaritans’ killing; burglary wasn’t enough to deport him!

No good deed goes unpunished. The truth of that adage was confirmed in spades last week when a Montana couple, Jason and Tara Shane, described as Good […]

Police officer killed in Memphis traffic stop; black police chief SLAMS ‘black lives matter’

Staring in the face of the death of one of his officers for the third time in four years, a black police chief rejected the politically correct refrain […]

Dem-run Baltimore murder rate soars to highest in 40 years; any guesses why?

The city of Baltimore is learning what happens when you handcuff your own police department. According to the Associated Press, the city has seen 45 murders in July, […]