Josh Earnest warns that Obama’s next illegal regulation will make us ‘squeal’

President Barack Obama is pivoting to climate change efforts Monday, and you can expect your power bill to “necessarily skyrocket” as a result. And White House press […]

Starbucks CEO urged to run against Hillary; the left’s tamer Trump?

Democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton might be getting a jolt of caffeinated competition. According to The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is […]

Empire State Building displays projections of endangered animals on side of building

A conservationist group’s effort to capitalize on worldwide outrage over the death of a Zimbabwe lion by projecting the images of endangered species onto the Empire State […]

Council members want to REPEAL ‘English only’ law because it’s ‘unwelcoming’; public debate heats up

Leaders in a Maryland county are under fire from both sides as they decide whether to repeal an English only rule. In a meeting that was open […]

Rick Perry ready for more Trump: ‘I’m not going to be quiet . . . I’m going to push back hard’

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s posturing leading up to this week’s Republican presidential primary debate could result in some interesting moments between him and fellow contender Donald Trump. […]

Lindsey Graham
Washington Post hits Lindsey Graham with damning allegations of trumped up military promotions

A member of Congress using their position for personal gain? Say it ain’t so! Republican presidential contender Lindsey Graham’s military service is coming under scrutiny after a Washington […]

Chris Matthews slams Wasserman Shultz for ignorance: ‘Maybe there’s an intellectual problem’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews slammed Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s refusal — or perhaps inability — to distinguish Democrats from Socialists during his appearance Sunday […]

Kudos to Taco Bell for how they handled employee who wrote ugly INSULT on cops’ tacos

. . . an insult the employee wrote on a police officer’s order.

‘Dear white America’: Racist ‘white toxic masculinity’ rant best ‘unintentional satire on the Internet’

Liberal bloggers have an irresistible urge to scratch their itchy, scabby wounds–and leftist blog Salon.com’s latest bout of racial scab picking would be comic if it weren’t […]

Confident he’s got black vote, Trump pummels Obama on how he treated African Americans

“They have problems now . . .

Where are Sharpton, Obama, or riots over Memphis cop killing? Suspect on ‘supervised release’ from prison

The suspect in the shooting and killing of Memphis police officer Sean Bolton during a routine traffic stop Saturday night has been identified as Tremaine Wilbourn, who […]

Marco Rubio
Florida Five: Rubio fact-checked on immigration, Wasserman Schultz doubles down on stupid

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: PolitiFact Florida: Have 40% of illegal immigrants simply overstayed their visas? – Sen. Marco Rubio said that while […]