Brainwashed CNN host asks Planned Parenthood video maker if he’s a ‘violent extremists’

The mainstream media’s defense of the butchers of Planned Parenthood hit a new low Tuesday, when a CNN interviewer asked the man behind the undercover videos exposing […]

Kelly Osbourne’s comment on ‘The View’ sends shockwaves: With no Latinos, who will clean toilets?

Kelly Osbourne probably thought she was raising a liberal point. Instead she raised a stink — and the libs were letting her have it. The British-born boor […]

Trump to Republicans: Don’t be afraid to shut down government over Planned Parenthood

Republicans can’t be afraid of shutting down the government if it means defunding Planned Parenthood. That was the message presidential contender Donald Trump brought to radio conservative […]

Seriously? Rachel Maddow tries to school Ted Cruz on difference between AR-15 and a machine gun

Anti-gun activist and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow used a recent video of Ted Cruz to give her viewers a proper lesson about firearms. Eager to point out […]

‘It was a twin’ Planned Parenthood selling entire babies in video number 5

A fifth video of the butchers at Planned Parenthood has been released — and it’s the worst yet. In the video, Melissa Farrell, the director of research […]

Guy’s priceless reaction to Chris Christie’s TMI birth control details we all wish we hadn’t heard

Some presidential contenders just don’t know when to shut up. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, for instance, is known for his brazen candor. But he’s probably asking […]

English professor swears cop profiled her; audio proves she’s a LIAR, gets her arrested

Playing the race card can backfire in your face — especially when you’re lying about it. Minati Roychoudhuri, a professor at Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut, […]

California town appoints 2 illegal aliens as commissioners

Only an attitude of utter contempt for the law could make an American city appoint illegal aliens to public office,  but that’s exactly what happened in one […]

Fed. judge’s rare order ‘under penalty of perjury’ will FINALLY take Hillary down, says Judge Nap

Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been ordered by a federal judge to go on the record “under penalty of perjury” regarding her use of a private […]

She’s no punching bag: Libs renew attack on champ Ronda Rousey for her convictions about trans-athletes

Ultimate Fighting Championship Star Ronda Rousey improved her undefeated record with an amazing 30-second victory over Bethe Correia Saturday night, but “social justice” warriors were quick to […]

Pregnant woman ‘sickened’ by racial comments when her praise for helpful cop goes viral

A pregnant woman from Washington state is singing a policeman’s praises after he took the time on Friday to fix her license plates instead of issuing her a […]

Video: Officers yank man out of car with seconds to spare before train plows into it

The quick reaction of two hero cops in California saved a man’s life, proving again that police are the good guys. From several blocks away, San Mateo Officers […]

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