Sanders: Cop murder an outrage, but unacceptable ‘when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot’

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders learned his lesson well — black lives matter above all else.

During his appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, the Independent Vermont senator agreed with host Jake Tapper that “obviously it was an outrage” that a Texas deputy sheriff was executed in a Friday night ambush, but added that it’s “unacceptable in this country when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot.”

He added, ”That is happening too often.”

On Saturday, Harris County Sheriff announced the arrest of Shannon Miles, 30, for the execution-style murder of Darren Goforth, 47.

Investigators said that Miles approached behind Goforth, who was in uniform and pumping gas, and fired multiple rounds into the officer’s back. When Goforth fell, Miles fired additional rounds.

Here’s a video of Sanders’ interview, via CNN.

On August 8, a Sanders campaign appearance was completely taken over by screaming, incoherent Black Lives Matter activists. He was only able to deliver his opening sentence before the event was shut down.

After his CNN appearance, viewers commented on social media:

One person noted Sanders’ rising poll numbers:

And one comment offered sound advice:


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6 thoughts on “Sanders: Cop murder an outrage, but unacceptable ‘when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot’

  1. Mlm46 says:

    He’s pandering to both sides!

    1. WTFUAMERIKA says:

      That’s why we’re revolting on the whole establishment. It’s US against THEM. The sooner we figure that out the better off we’ll be.

  2. WTFUAMERIKA says:

    BLM is nothing more than one of the many SOROS funded Balkanized Bolshevik insurgency arms aimed at bringing on a Communist revolution. Maybe we should ask the next president to be what they’re going to do about this Soros guy for trying to bring down our country?

  3. KEVROY says:


  4. Marilyn Z says:

    This man talks out of both sides of his mouth and OBVIOUSLY does not have a spine to stand up to these people. I want a president who proves to me he will stand up for what is right and just not this limp &^%$.

  5. Frank Mancuso says:

    Sander’s is just a weak candidate. It has nothing to do with better trained or better paid. everything to this guy is money..If they are dragged out of cars they are doing something illegally.

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