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Jeb Bush on the attack, claims there’s a big problem with Trump’s wall idea

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jeb-trumpA large part of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s stance on immigration involves building a wall along the southern U.S. border — a wall the real estate tycoon insists will be paid for by Mexico.

But not so fast says GOP rival Jeb Bush.

The former governor of Florida said over the weekend Trump is promising to build “a wall that can’t be built,” the Washington Examiner reported.

It’s a determination Bush said he made after talking to mayors and law enforcement on the Texas-Mexico border, who he said told him a wall can’t be built because of the rugged terrain.

“What Donald Trump is proposing is a wall that can’t be built, and if it was, it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars,” Bush said in an interview on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York.

Even though Trump is leading by a large margin in the polls, Bush said Trump’s proposed immigration policy does not reflect what conservative Americans want, according to the Examiner.

“It’s not conservative and it’s not realistic and it does not embrace American values,” he said.

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Bush, who once referred to illegal immigration as “an act of love,” has sharp differences with Trump on immigration, including their views on the 14th Amendment.

“He wants everyone deported, which would tear family lives asunder,” Bush said of Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship — a plan Bush said “would probably be unconstitutional.”

As for Trump’s success, Bush said the business magnate connects with “people’s anxiety about what the future looks like,” but fails to offer any compelling proposals, according to the Examiner. A position that sounds eerily familiar to President Obama’s 2008 statement about folks who cling to guns or religion out of frustration over a changing social landscape.

Bush also criticized Trump’s focus on Mexico, suggesting that most illegal immigrants coming into the United States are from Central America, not Mexico.

“Right now the number of Mexicans crossing the border is basically flat,” he said. “The immigrants that are crossing legally or illegally in both cases are from Central America now. It changes.”

And it will change even more if the American people elect Trump as president.

Tom Tillison


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