CNN gets egg on its face; calls silent majority ‘racist,’ then THIS happens

CNN Silent MajorityPeople on the left relish the idea of being victims so much, that it seems they look for reasons to be offended.

Enter Ron Brownstein, editorial director of the National Journal, who told CNN’s Poppy Harlow on Sunday that the term “Silent majority,” which Donald Trump has been saying he represents, is racist.

“I recall about this, tracing the history of the term, and from the beginning, it’s been understood to implicitly be talking about the white middle class, the white working class,” he said.

“When Richard Nixon coined the phrase in October 1969, the first time it was used in the fall in a speech defending the Vietnam War, there was no question it was in the context of political and social protests from young people and African-Americans.”

But what is interesting is that later in the same show, Harlow played a videotape of the mother of one of the Sandy Hook victims, Nicole Hockley, who used the term when pushing for gun control.

“This is about the silent majority, which I used to be part of. This is about having the everyday, sensible center of America stand up and say that we are going to do whatever it takes to get this done because this is about protecting our own communities, our own children,” she said.

Therefore, if CNN is to be believed only white, middle class, racist liberals are pushing for gun control.

That actually sounds accurate.

Carmine Sabia


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