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Black Lives Matter disrupts Minnesota State Fair, but social media noticed something VERY ODD

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Black Lives Matter race agitators were at it again this weekend, this time disrupting the Minnesota State Fair.

The group had earlier declined the fair’s offer of a booth inside the event, presumably because that would be too peaceful, and instead opted to march over a mile to the fair and disturb everyone’s good time Saturday, MPR News reported.

At one point, the “peaceful protesters” blocked the gates to the event, apparently because they think there might still be one person in America left who hasn’t heard of its coast-to-coast whining campaign.

“We thought the state fair represented a venue that represented a lot of people, a lot of people from rural Minnesota, who maybe haven’t had the opportunity to get engaged or kind of hear the messages of what’s going on in the black community,” Rashad Turner told MPR News.

Protesters tweeted pictures and videos of the disturbance with the hashtag #BlackFair but they were met by others who hijacked the hashtag after being surprised to see mostly white people marching.

Carmine Sabia


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