A real shotgun wedding – Florida couple gets hitched at a shooting range

gunwedding0831The bride wore ear protection.

But so did the groom.

A Florida couple who went to a shooting range on their first date sealed the deal at the same shooting range Sunday – making themselves the first couple to get hitched at Shooters World in Tampa.

Gary Webb and the former Melissa Kunkel were co-workers who went to the shooting range together after Melissa bought a gun and wanted to learn to shoot, according to the Tampa Tribune.

From there, things blossomed into romance, and Gary used the range when he decided to propose, popping the question amid the popping of bullets.

After Sunday’s ceremony – punctuated with gunfire from the nearby range – the two took to target practice, where Melissa put a bullet squarely through a paper heart, the Tribune reported.

“It’s an unusual experience, but it couldn’t have turned out nicer,” the bride’s father, Tom Daniels, told the paper.

Cupid’s arrows couldn’t have done it better.

Check out the wedding video, via WFLA.


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