Ted Cruz suits up for battle in Sarah Palin interview; religious liberty is Job One

cruz-palinNot only did Sarah Palin interview Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Friday, she also spoke with fellow GOP contender Ted Cruz, and religious liberty was at the forefront of the discussion.

Cruz called in to her new show “On Point with Sarah Palin,” on the One America News network, and said if he is elected president, “the persecution of religious liberty ends that day.”

Palin and Cruz have a long-standing friendship that began when she endorsed his long shot campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2012, which Cruz brought up in Friday’s interview.

“I wouldn’t be in the U.S. Senate today, I wouldn’t be running for president, if it were not for you coming to Texas and supporting me,” he told Palin, saying he was grateful for her friendship and her “fearless stance.”

Pointing to likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s comment last week comparing Republicans to “terrorist groups,” Palin asked Cruz if he knows “any conservative patriots hell-bent on jihad?”

“Of course not,” he replied. “That’s the problem with the Obama-Clinton foreign policy, they can’t tell good guys from bad guys.”

Palin’s Trump interview so hot, fans crashed website

Cruz talked about a joint rally that he and Trump will be holding in Washington on Sept. 9 to oppose the nuclear deal with Iran, a deal Palin described as “asinine.”

“Every Democratic member of Congress faces a choice,” the Texas senator said. “Does he or she value the national security of this country, standing with our friends and ally, the nation of Israel, and the lives of millions of Americans more than they value partisan loyalty standing with the Obama White House.”

Defunding Planned Parenthood was also a topic of discussion, with Cruz drawing attention to an effort he took part in last week.

“I was proud to host a conference call where we invited over 100,000 pastors all across the country to come together and to speak out, and to pray for our nation, to preach from the pulpit, that we need to stand against this barbarism, this murder and commerce in the sale of human life,” Cruz said.

Another act Cruz said he’d take on his first day in office would be to direct the Justice Department to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and “to prosecute any and all criminal violations.”

He predicted a battle in Congress this fall over the funding of the largest abortion provider in the U.S., and suggested the effort be tied to the budget process of funding the federal government — something Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has all but ruled out.

The full interview can be seen here:


98 thoughts on “Ted Cruz suits up for battle in Sarah Palin interview; religious liberty is Job One

  1. monacall says:

    ALL TALK NO ACTION. Just another politician. Why is it he is going for another job when he can’t even do the one he has….I have not heard any politician including Cruz call for the shut down of the border in a way that they listen. Its pretty simple or it should be. He could argue that it is the job of the legislators, governors and this administration to keep this country safe. That’s their only job. But, Cruz thinks the immigration system is broken! He thinks we need to make new laws for immigration. Well for one we have immigration laws on the books and they can’t follow them. So why make new laws? Just follow what’s are the books…. an illegal is an illegal end of story. AND, its his state Texas that has the biggest problem, but yet what has he done to help his own state? I wouldn’t believe this politician or for that matter any politician. So I am suppose to believe that when he gets in the white house he will do what he says he is going to do? LOL.

    1. John Campbell says:

      Ever heard of “anchor babies”?

      Now you know why there’s a change needed.

      Cruz is a fighter and with a track record for it. Can’t take that away from him. RINO’s hate him just as much as leftists for it. One of the reasons for the speculation of a possible TRUMP/CRUZ ticket.

      1. monacall says:

        Well there again, Cruz is not eligible to be president or vice president. If trump would choose him as his running mate I will have to write in goofy’s name. But I will vote.

        1. John Campbell says:

          You’ll have to take that up with the courts. :o)

          1. monacall says:

            Nope…. they are all run by these politicians… and of course attorneys….

        2. ElderAmbassador says:

          Ted Cruz is FAR more eligible than our current little king. He was born in British Kenya to an American woman who, unfortunately, was not of age to confer American citizenship on a foreign born child. So if Cruz is on the ballot and you vote for goofy, it will be a vote for yourself.

          1. monacall says:

            Another person just throwing away the constitution. aren’t you proud of yourself!

          2. ElderAmbassador says:

            Cite the part of the Constitution that supports YOUR position!

          3. monacall says:

            Look in the constitution under requirements for president and vice president. If you’ve read it you would know where it is! try reading the constitution. its not that long!

          4. ElderAmbassador says:

            I’ve read it several times and just reviewed it again. Natural born citizen is what it says, and that has been interpreted to mean born of an American citizen. Cruz has no problem as his Mother was a citizen of the US at the time of his birth, even if he was born in Canada (John McCain was born on Guam), but Rubio is another issue. At his birth, both of his parents were here legally, but not yet citizens. According to the Wong/Ark decision (which I think was wrongly decided) he is a citizen.

          5. monacall says:

            Please read it again and think like our founding fathers would have thought! Cruz was BORN in Canada he can not be a natural born citizen. Neither is Rubio or Santorum or Jindal. They are good people, but are just eligible to be president or vice president. Our founding fathers wanted “commander in chief” to HAVE NO ALLEGIANCE to another country. In all of these candidates running they would have allegiance to their lineage or their heritage. Which is what their FATHERS were……
            Here’s a easy way to understand “natural” or pure bred. If you were to buy a puppy lets say a “beagle” and you wanted this pup for breeding purposes, so you wanted its lineage to be of “pure blood”. But the people you were getting the pup through told you it was of pure bred, because it had one parent, the mom, of Beagle lineage, but the father was of a terrier mix. Would you buy it as a “pure bred Beagle”? Knowing that his lineage wasn’t? And sold it for pure bred? Its kind of a silly way of thinking, but the “natural citizenship” is a way of pure blood heritage. Two parents that were born American and their off spring born in America is a natural born citizen.

          6. DT says:

            He was born in Hawaii.

          7. ElderAmbassador says:

            No physical evidence of that, only a “notice of live birth” which could have been sent from British Kenya, Afghanistan, or Moscow USSR.

      2. Rose says:

        I like the Cruz/Carson ticket myself.

    2. Kenneth Clark says:

      Cruz is one of less than a handful that has done exactly as he said he would do. He has been stopped in his tracks by the likes of McCain, Graham, McConnell, Bonehead, and all the RINOS and Progressive Liberal Democrats. He has been a lone voice for the people of this country and his state. Without the backing of these mentioned he has no traction, but that has not stopped him. Don’t sell him short.

      1. monacall says:

        His still a politician. He sounds good, but not pushing hard enough. Not screaming enough I guess. I’m a bull dog, I guess, and if I had an ounce of control I would be using my voice all the time….. I would be calling obozo what he is and that is a traitor. I’d be screaming at the governor of Texas to take control of his state and put his militia on the border stop those coming in illegally I guess…..But that’s just me.

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          Ted’s claw marks can be found on every wall the establiment has thrown in front of him.

          1. monacall says:

            Talk is cheap!

          2. Kenneth Clark says:

            You really need to research Ted. He ain’t your average Politician. He is truly a man for the people.

          3. monacall says:

            Well then tell me just one thing his gotten through congress? One thing his done to close the borders in his own state? All I ever hear are “I’m GOING to do this”. How many hearings has he been on? how many times has he even mentioned the debt!

          4. Kenneth Clark says:

            He has submitted and authored several bills that would benefit this country, all in trying to do what he has said he would. Unfortunately for him and us, the low lives that promised to do what we wanted in 2014 to get elected, have purposely fought against Ted in every single thing he has worked to do. It’s not his fault that his accomplishments have been little to none. He has tried and worked tirelessly to overcome the RINOS in the Republican party that will not do as they promised. He is not the typical politician.

          5. monacall says:

            “his not the typical politician”. He has you right where he wants you! sound familiar? 08 ring a bell?

          6. Kenneth Clark says:

            He has earned my respect and trust. He never expected it to be due him. He has earned it.

          7. monacall says:

            I have no respect for any of these politicians (traitors).

          8. Doug says:

            He, like Trey Gowdy, has been touched by the hand of God. Kenny, before long he’ll say something you don’t like and you’ll be down on him too.

          9. Rose says:

            He is a man of his word, a man of moral principles, and I think would make a great leader. He can do nothing by himself.

          10. monacall says:

            If he is such a “man of his word”. why did it take him until last year to relinquish his Canadian citizenship? and, why would he run for something HE KNOWS he’s not qualified for?

      2. DT says:

        Cruz said he can’t stand with Middle Eastern Christians against ISIS, unless they stand with a nation that has taxpayer-funded abortions.

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          Link please…

      3. Rose says:

        Amen and thank you, Kenneth!

    3. higgy01 says:

      You are so wrong! Pull your head out of the sand and do a little investigating about Ted rather than just mindlessly pontificating.

      1. monacall says:

        Ok, so tell me one thing his done for the state of Texas and for the American people? for that matter name one thing ANY of them have done?

    4. Cathleen Matchinga says:

      Cruz wants to increase H-B-1 visas 5 from 65,000 a year to 356,000 a year. We have college grads in the tech sector who can’t find jobs already. Let’s fill those jobs with Americans FIRST. I posed that question on “Ask Ted” on Breitbart, and so far no answer.

      1. monacall says:

        His a smooth talker and that’s exactly how we got the guy we got!!! his a smooth talker! A POLITICIAN!

      2. PTripp says:

        Wrong…. Is that from CNN or MSNBC?

        1. Cathleen Matchinga says:

          Neither, here you go: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2900126/ted-cruz-the-presidential-candidate-who-wants-to-increase-the-h-1b-cap-by-500.html
          Hiring only foreign
          workers, even though an intermediary, is discrimination at its worst.
          Would slavery be ok if done via an intermediary company? The Hartford
          Financial Services and other corporations should admit to all the
          outsourcing of jobs they’ve done to India or to H-1b guest workers after
          firing their American staff.

        2. Cathleen Matchinga says:

          if that isn’t enough, Ted Cruz wants to DOUBLE the general worker visa.
          If you can’t afford to send your kids to college, don’t worry, Ted has a
          plan to keep them at home too – he’ll make sure any job they could get
          also goes to foreigners. This
          is an Act of War Against America and the very definition of Treason in
          the US Constitution. This is Ted’s amendments in pertinent part:

          Cruz 1324: Green Card (LPR) reform to modernize, streamline and expand legal immigration

          Provisions of his amendment include:

          · Doubling the overall worldwide green card caps from 675,000 visas per year to 1.35 million per year (not including refugees and asylees): [This is in addition to the 1 million immigrants that come here every year without a work related visa.]

          Family-based green cards: Creates a single family-based visa category
          that treats all immigrant families equally by redefining “immediate
          relatives” as “spouses, minor children, and parents of citizens or

          Cruz 1325: Increase high-skilled temporary worker visas (H-1B visas) five-fold

          This amendment
          would increase the H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. It would also help
          America retain the people it educates by authorizing dual-intent student
          visas and address the need for high-skilled labor by creating a block
          grant to promote domestic high-skilled workers. [Why are we educating foreigners while our own citizens drown in student debt?]

          Cruz 1326: Combines Cruz 1324 and Cruz 1325. Implements Green Card reform to streamline and expand legal immigration and increases high-skilled temporary worker visas five fold. [These
          are for the good jobs Americans go to college to get, only to find
          companies hiring foreign nationals rather than them, and more often than
          not turn out to be permanent positions.]

    5. freedomxlaw says:

      Cruz is the only one who acts. He is being held to the mat by corrupt leadership in the Senate. Wise up, learn the Machiavellian efforts to silence him by his own party.

      1. monacall says:

        Seriously! another EXCUSE! then please tell me why he hasn’t talked like trump if his such a good candidate? why is riding on the coat tail if trump! his not stupid, he sees people are sick of politicians and his smooth talking you isn’t he?

        1. freedomxlaw says:

          You’re like a kid in a car…Are we there yet?? This is first inning. Cruz is tactically smart. He can’t do anything about the Trump juggernaut at this stage, but he is alienating no one and is high in all the polls. By the 5th inning, after most of the other players have been taken out of the game, he will begin to capture the spoils and as Trump’s star fades, his will rise. What’s he supposed to do, pretend to be Trump? Quit calling the game. There’s plenty of play left.

          1. monacall says:

            I can’t help it there’s to much to lose!

          2. Doug says:

            Good assessment.

    6. barbaro70 says:

      You are not at all well informed. The existing legislation, of course, should be enforced, but it was written with a lot of loopholes and problems and new legislation has to take care of those problems so that, YES!, the illegal aliens are kicked out.

      Cruz, just because he is one of two senators from Texas, really can´t do much to take care of the illegal alien problem just in Texas. Get informed.

      We certainly do believe that he will do what he says he is going to do when he is president.

      1. monacall says:

        Your right in one thing I’m not an educated idiot! I see things as they are! not as i want them to be!
        If Cruz was such good guy he’d be screaming about closing the border instead of increasing the number of illegals! he just talk like all good attorneys and politicians are!

        1. barbaro70 says:

          you´re half right: you are not educated, but you are an idiot

          Cruz has never screamed about increasing the number of illegals–why would he?

          your Barack Hussein Obama worship and smoking ganja have your brain addled

          glad you asked

          1. monacall says:

            Oh I’m an idiot because I want to follow the constitution. Like John Gruber has said, you are stupid!

    7. Rose says:

      Cruz is a man of his word. I trust him more than I trust Trump.

  2. John Campbell says:

    Great to see Ted Cruz pointing out the truth. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in DC to stand against the Obamanation’s deal with enemy Iran will garner a lot of attention to this outrageous act and it’s got to be pointed out that the Iranian backed terrorists have already returned to lobbing missiles into Israel as a result of this.

  3. Mcs says:

    Anchor babies term is an racial slur and republicans will pay for it next election!

    1. bigdoc13 says:

      What does race have to do with it?

      1. Mcs says:

        Everything, I will prove it in November

    2. DebraJMSmith says:

      No it is not. It means that an illegal comes here pops out a baby and that baby becomes like an anchor, making her be able to stay here, because our constitution is being misapplied to her baby.

      1. Herbert Dunwash says:

        Don’t feed the trolls.

        1. DebraJMSmith says:

          eeeek! –Do they bite?

          1. Herbert Dunwash says:

            They lose their fear of humans and become a nuisance.

          2. DebraJMSmith says:

            And here I thought it was just that they don’t think anyone can find them in their parents’ basement. :o)

      2. Kenneth Clark says:

        Debra, you do realize “MCS” is our old Scitzo friend “Chuck” don’t you?

        1. DebraJMSmith says:

          Oh… I did not realize that. He is a sneaky lil bugger! :o)

          1. Kenneth Clark says:

            He tries but not quite as sneaky as he thinks he is…

          2. DebraJMSmith says:

            You all know him and can spot him easily by now.

        2. Doug says:

          What does “Scitzo” mean?

          1. Kenneth Clark says:

            Scitzo= Chuckie

      3. Cathleen Matchinga says:

        And for the next 80 years, they and their parent become our responsibility.

        1. DebraJMSmith says:

          Pretty much. Yep!

          1. MCS says:

            I surprise you believe in the xenophobes. Usually you are level headed

          2. DebraJMSmith says:

            That’s just being silly.

          3. MCS says:

            Are you apart of the trump hate Hispanic movement?

      4. MCS says:

        The constitution is why the beautiful child is an innocent American

        1. DebraJMSmith says:

          Actually, the constitution is why the beautiful child of an illegal is NOT an American.

          1. MCS says:

            That is not true ……the moment a child is born , they are americans

    3. ElderAmbassador says:

      If it is a perjorative, and I’m not so sure it is, I still think it’s an appropriate description. Everyone knows to whom we are referring.
      I do think, however, the truly correct term is “illegal immigrant child” of an illegal immigrant.

      1. Cathleen Matchinga says:

        I disagree. Using the word “immigrant” implies legitimacy that does not exist. “Illegal alien” is more accurate.

        1. ElderAmbassador says:

          Oops, you are spot on! I don’t know what got into me. Illegal alien applies to ALL of them – from 1 hr old to 100 years old.
          I don’t care when you came, how long you’ve been here, how “hard” you worked. None of that matters because just like the criminal we catch 40 years after the act, you are a criminal and MUST be deported, tomorrow if not today. Hearings be damned, we don’t need any hearing if you are illegal. Just get on the bus and go. If you ever come back, we should load you on a helicopter and fly you back, with a side trip to a nearby ocean where we dump your criminal a** out at 5,000 feet and let you swim to shore.

          1. MCS says:

            Xenophobes have their place in America also

      2. MCS says:

        Not accurate . American baby. The constitution say so. You do obey the constitution ?

    4. Cathleen Matchinga says:

      No it’s not. It’s completely accurate, and therein lies the problem, doesn’t it.

      1. MCS says:

        Cruz , is he a so called anchor baby?

        1. ooddballz says:

          Well, since he was born to a LEGAL AMERICAN citizen, then NO!

          1. MCS says:

            Cruz will be challenge by Birthers and they will deport him.

    5. barbaro70 says:

      You are out of touch with how Americans, generally, feel about illegal aliens, which is why you lib/lefty buffoons cannot understand the appeal that Trump has for Americans, AS SHOWN BY THE POLLS.

      The anchor baby phenomenon, which Cruz and Trump understand very well, started out as a fluke, when Mexican illegal aliens, and from countries in Central America, found that, all of a sudden their little Juanito was not a Mexican, Honduran, Salvadoran, or whatever, at all, but a genuine, full-fledged Americano! Wow! Talk about lucky! And of course the United States being the generous, kind-hearted country that it is would not ship Juanito´s illegal alien parents home, with or without Juanito, so Juanito´s illegal alien parents had their anchor in the United States. Then some enterprising people started promoting the idea, and set up hotels for the Chinese people who wanted their version of Juanito–the Latins didn´t need hotels for the purpose of having their Juanito born on United States territory, they had family.

      And conservatives, not Republicans, will indeed pay for the use of the term, which is just one more term corrupted by you lib/lefty jackasses. We will pay with Hilarious “Benghazi? What´s a benghazi?” Clinton´s humiliation, or maybe Joe “I´m stupider than Maxine Waters” Biden, but probably not Bernie “Everything should be free–how to pay for it, you ask? Well, we´ll talk about that later” Sanders, or the other Democrat Party losers. And we will get drunk with joy.

      Glad you asked. Anytime.

      1. MCS says:

        His appeal is in the Conservative party, the GOP , thank God. He will not be the president but I love the position he putting the republicans in! Negative!

      2. MCS says:

        America? You mean conservatives! You will pAy for it next election

    6. ooddballz says:

      Sounds like you may be an anchor baby.
      It would please me to no end to see your ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL INVADER family deported.

      1. MCS says:

        If I go so will you. Illegal .

  4. higgy01 says:

    Cruz is probably the only “politician” running for office that has his head screwed on correctly. He has singlehandedly fought the GOP RINO establishment in the senate and been bloodied for it. He and Trump make a good pair.

  5. Patriot1119 says:

    making cruz the gop candidate is giving the dems an opportunity to swing our own club at us. he was born in canada to a mother from the usa and a father from cuba. he denounced his canadian citizenship in 2013, but just like obama only his mother was an american at the time of his birth – and the location of obama’s birth is still under contention by some while there is not contention that cruz was born in canada. the father of cruz immigrated from cuba to the usa in 1958, got a green card and was granted political asylum after his visa expired, but he did not apply for citizenship – he moved to canada and became a cuban-canadian, he applied for american citizenship 13 years ago. so cruz is half american and half cuban born in canada… there is a canadian birh certificate but there was no u.s. consular record of birth recorded for cruz in canada. sound to eerily familiar???

      1. Patriot1119 says:

        and where were these two gop scholars hiding when the gop was saying, and some still claiming, obama wasn’t qualified because of his alleged place of birth and the nationality of his father? the law cannot work against one natural born american and in favor of another. as i said, the democrats will use this as their opportunity to paint the gop with our own brush.

        i have already seen articles where people are calling to see his mother’s birth certificate, others where people question if his mother – along with his father – had accepted canadian citizenship before his birth, and others where people claim that due to the fact that his father and mother were still both married to their former spouses – divorces not finalized – at the time of their marriage to each other that they were not legally married so the immigration reform act of 1952, which states the parents must be married for automatic citizenship to be conferred on their offspring, makes ted cruz ineligible for automatic citizenship. trust me when i say the democrats will be out for blood on the citizenship argument and will be going through everything with a fine-toothed comb to find anything that will disqualify him.

        1. ron2win2 says:

          You really need to start linking these cruz allegations with some kind of facts or proof. Just saying these things is not going to cut it.

          Oh I just checked ,you are a liberal prog,which means your entire speel is B/S !

          1. Patriot1119 says:

            you really need to read my comments again – i make no allegations, i simply state what i believe will be the tactics used by the libs and dems against cruz will be. if you think they have forgotten all the stink raised by tea partiers and conservatives about obama’s citizenship status, then you are in need of special assistance. as for supplying links, if i’m able to finds these articles using google i’m sure you can too.

            oh, btw i’m a life-long registered member of the gop and the first candidate i cast my vote for president was richard nixon – and none of this current lot are worthy enough to wipe his backside after he took a crap.

    1. MCS says:

      Is he a so called anchor baby?

    2. ron2win2 says:

      Oh you forgot to tell people Castro denied being communist right to the point when he over threw the Batista government.So everyone who supported him to begin with did not know he was a communist.

      The Batista government was basically a corrupt dictatorship. That was in the pocket of the american mafia.Cuba is like mexico in that if you wanted something you had to bribe a government official or bureaucrat.

      Now I will grant you the cuban people were probably better off under batista then castro ,but lets at least keep the facts straight.

      I am not about to investigate cruz’s fathers history due to the fact at this point in time I don’t care. But judging by your initial miss-statements I would readily figure the rest is biased or flawed & bears further scrutiny on its face.

  6. barbaro70 says:

    CRUZ HAS THIS ACTIVIST, CONSERVATIVE FAMILY´S VOTES FOR PRESIDENT! And we also hope that he appoints Palin to be secretary of Homeland Security or something like that.

  7. MCS says:

    Anchor baby is a slur. Refer to the constitution . Conservatives do understand the constitution . Ted Cruz understand the constitution . Cruz argue for the defense of the. 14 amendment! I love teddy!

    1. ooddballz says:

      Anchor baby is a slur.
      It is also an accurate description.

      1. MCS says:

        You are a anchor baby with trumpy as an illegal parent

  8. Doug says:

    Religious liberty. A big deal to the dwindling population of church-goers. Of no importance to anyone else.

  9. DT says:

    Does this mean more lies, like when he claimed that running your business out of a building that was once a church makes your business a “church”?

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