George Will: ‘Grievance culture’ is part of TV killings, but there’s something else, too

george-willThe gay, black gunman who killed a reporter and a cameraman during a live television broadcast last week was driven by the “grievance culture of our time,” but there may well have been something deeper at work, conservative columnist George Will said Sunday.

Something called “evil.”

While the grievance culture is a cornerstone of the progressive ideology embraced by President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, progressive materialism doesn’t explain everything, Will said.

“When these horrific events occur, there’s an irresistible itch to commit sociology to find some explanation, cause or link in some social prompting,” Will said in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

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“This gentleman, this man was a gay African-American who nevertheless was hired in spite of what he took to be insuperable handicaps,” he said. “And he does seem to have bought into the grievance culture of our times, feeling prickly and set upon at all times by all people.”

Channeling his inner-Ronald Reagan, Will said that instead of blaming a “defect in society” or turning to government to solve every problem, there are times when society must recognize that evil does exist.

“There are times you have to throw up your hands and say there’s evil in the world,” he said. “Always has been, always will be.”

Michael Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America, agreed that in a society that is “increasingly uncomfortable with the concept of evil,” sometimes there’s just no other explanation to explain tragedies.

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