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Ex-NYPD commish blasts lefty mayor for ‘amazing surrender’ on crime; watch out, America!

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Ray KellyFormer New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly used his new role as a book author to blast Mayor Bill de Blasio for committing an “amazing surrender” to criminals by ending the stop-and-frisk program and treating cops like “cartoonish villains.”

And he fears the de Blasio example is going to spread beyond the Big Apple.

“De Blasio shrugged and walked away from a routine and useful policing tool, snatching law enforcement defeat from the jaws of legal victory,” Kelly wrote in his book “Vigilance: My Life Serving America and Protecting Its Empire City,” the New York Post reported.

De Blasio ended the program, which allowed cops to detain and search those they deemed suspicious, shortly after he came into office.

Kelly said he did so to satisfy his leftist political base — and without regard for the safety of the city.

“Bill de Blasio didn’t only run against the other candidates in the race to replace Mike Bloomberg,” Kelly wrote. “He also ran against the police.”

Kelly wrote that ending the program hurt “the very people the de Blasio campaign were reportedly speaking for, young minority males especially.”

Kelly, who was police commissioner during the terms of Mayor David Dinkins’ and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, also blasts critics who complained the stop-and-frisk program unfairly targeted minorities.

“I personally resent the implications of de Blasio’s false narrative,” Kelly wrote. “Our policies targeted reported crimes. We didn’t target people based on their skin color.”

The former commissioner is concerned that the more timid approach to law enforcement is hurting not only New York City but all of America — as race baiters and agitators continue to vilify the police with disastrous results.

“If we ease up on the things that made us successful, if we bow too much to the political pressures of the day, we are going to see more young people die and more young lives lost before they have had a chance to live,” he said.

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