ABC’s Raddatz tries to bait Bobby Jindal to attack Trump, gets an earful about Hillary instead

jindalABC’s Martha Raddatz did her damnedest to get Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to go on the attack against fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump on Sunday, but Jindal had other things to talk about.

Like how Hillary Clinton is “one email away from going to jail.”

While interviewing Jindal on ABC’s “This Week,” Raddatz cued up a clip of Trump blasting the former secretary of state for using private emails to conduct sensitive national security business while she was secretary of state.

Raddatz then asked Jindal, “Did Donald Trump go too far?”

Jindal, to his credit, avoided the Trump red-herring completely and zeroed in on where the real problem here is.

Clinton “shouldn’t be above the law” in regard to her use of a private email server, he said, implicitly endorsing Trump’s statement.

“What’s clear is this, if a private in the military had done what they’re accused of doing, there would be real consequences,” Jindal said. “There shouldn’t be a different set of rules for Hillary and her aides than others in the military, than others that deal with classified information.”

And he said the consequences for Clinton may include jail time.

“With Hillary Clinton, it just seems to be one scandal after another,” Jindal said. “She’s literally one email away from going to jail.”

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Even though Clinton has sworn to a federal judge that she’s turned over all of her work-related e-mails, Jindal told Raddatz that he’s not convinced.

“What I fear is that maybe we’ll have to go to the Chinese and the Russians to actually see her emails,” he said.

When Raddatz interrupted to again try to point Jindal at an attack on Trump, Jindal again avoided getting sidetracked.

The real issue, he said, is that Clinton seems to think “the same rules don’t apply to her.”

“I think the real issue here is that she’s not above the law,” he said. “There shouldn’t be a different set of rules for our elected leaders than for the rest of us.”

Despite his refusal to be baited into attacking Trump Jindal make it clear he’s not only competing with the billionaire-turned-presidential-contender, he expects to beat him in the end.

No matter what polls show Trump holding a lead, Jindal insisted it’s a wide open race and that “nobody has any real votes right now.” He said once “we get past this summer of silliness and insults,” he’s sure voters will see that he’s the better candidate.

Watch the full interview here, with the remarks on Clinton coming at the 2:30 minute mark:

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