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When you don’t hang up the phone properly . . . Cops accidentally leave reporter WILDLY inappropriate voicemail

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It has happened to the best of us, that awkward moment when we think we’ve hung up the phone only to realize in horror that we haven’t.

While it can leave a person feeling like a boob, rarely does such a bumbling occurrence have the consequences that three Durango, Colorado, police officers are now facing.

A private conversation among the cops about the physical appearance of a female news reporter has become a story only because it was accidentally recorded.

The men are in hot water for talking about the woman’s body in crude terms — privately.

Chase Olivarius-McAllister
Chase Olivarius-McAllister

Chase Olivarius-McAllister, a reporter for The Durango Herald, had received a follow-up telephone call from the local police department about some requested crime statistics. Having reached the reporter’s voice mail, Deputy Sgt. Zach Farnam left a message, and that’s when things went south, Jezebel reported.

Thinking he had hung up the phone, Farnam and the other two cops began describing Olivarius-McAllister’s body.

The critique, which they thought was among themselves, amounted to little more than common locker room-type talk among guys, bringing to mind the famous line from Capt. Renault in the classic movie “Casablanca”: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Here is part of the conversation, as recorded:

(Caution: adult language)

Farnam: My wife worked at the Herald. She f***ing hated that bitch.

Officer 2: She hot?

Farnam: Not hot. I mean, she’s got an OK body. I mean…

Officer 1: Giant boobs.

Farnam: F***ing giant, dude. I mean, not like quadruple Ds or anything. But at least a solid set of Ds, probably double Ds.

Officer 1: You know what? It’s that UK fish and chips. UK women have big tits. It’s how they’re…how they’re grown over there. I don’t know why.

Officer 2: She is, uh…

Officer 1: Why do they have f***ed up teeth? I dunno, but it happens.

Farnam: I didn’t look at her teeth. But she doesn’t have like a real pretty face at all.

Officer 1: She’s from the UK. She’s got huge tits.


“I felt incredulous that people who are in uniform, on the job and trusted with protecting the public, could express so much contempt for women,” Olivarius-McAllister said of the recording. “The misogyny is horrifyingly casual. How can such attitudes not affect their police work?”

While it’s understandable that the subject of the graphic assessment would see it as contemptuous, keep in mind that the men did not know their discussion was being recorded.

The three officers’ purportedly unprofessional conduct is now being investigated.

You can listen to more of their conversation here:

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