Texas on-duty cop shot execution style while pumping gas: UPDATE manhunt continues


In a 2pm press conference, Sheriff Ron Hickman clarified earlier reports stating a suspect was in custody.

“We’ve not taken anybody into custody, Hickman said. “We have people were talking to. Trying to follow through methodically. We don’t want to be jumping to any conclusions. We want to make sure we take the steps in the proper order and follow the evidence to a logical, legal and proper conclusion.”


A Texas police officer was killed execution-style while pumping gas during his overnight shift.

The officer, Darren Goforth, 47, had no chance to defend himself as the attacker, described as about 5-foot-10 to 6-feet tall with a dark complexion, walked behind him and fired five shots, killing the sheriff’s deputy Friday night, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“He was pumping gas into his vehicle. and the male suspect came up behind him and shot the deputy multiple times,” Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Deputy Thomas Gilliland told the Chronicle. “The deputy fell to the ground. The suspect came over and shot the deputy again multiple times as he lay on the ground.”

“I can tell you with diligence and justice the suspect will be caught, and he will be brought to justice … This is a very callous individual,” Gilliland said shortly after the attack took place.

It wasn’t long after his statement that reports out of MyFoxHouston had a suspect apprehended. Details are still coming forward.

Fox 26 Houston falsely reported that a suspect was caught, with an assist from his own mother, early Saturday.

At the end of a successful SWAT scene Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies captured the suspect for the murder of HCSO Deputy Darren Goforth. He was taken into custody  at Pine Falls and Sunny Ridge in Northwest Harris County. We’re told his mother assisted in leading investigators to her son.


This information was an early report that turned out to be untrue.

Here’s an account of what was reported by local news and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office early Saturday:


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