Sarah Palin names her surprising choice for VP; didn’t see that one coming

pal westThe ever outspoken, Sarah Palin gave a quick interview with Extra TV Thursday to dish on Donald Trump and in the process revealed who she’d like to see as Vice President.

Sarah left her options open when asked if she would consider being Trump’s running mate as vice president, but mentioned one person in particular who she thought would be well suited for the job.

“Someone like Allen West needs to be V.P.” Palin said.

An odd choice, since the former Congressman from Florida fell far from grace after he lost a winnable GOP seat and has since fought a reputation for inappropriate advances toward multiple women.

It’s no secret that Trump and Palin share a special connection. They’ve publicly defended each other, and Trump went so far as to say he’d “love” for Palin to be part of his administration should he be elected the next U.S. president.

Palin also continued to defend her friend and ally.

“Man [Trump] is just getting crucified out there just for telling the truth,” Palin said.

“He’s doing a good job of that and he’s shaking it up the way it should be, and he’s leading other candidates and having to talk about the issues that average Joe Six-Pack American wants to hear and wants to talk about.”

Don’t count Palin out if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, because she said she’ll be supporting the Republican nominee no matter what.

“I’m certainly all about this ABC thing — Anybody But Clinton!”

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