News crew murderer mindset is result of racist ‘bullcrap’ from ‘Al Sharptons of the world,’ Beck says

beckGlenn Beck said Friday that when it comes to the causes of violence, the media should focus not on guns but on people like MSNBC host Al Sharpton who are “training” minorities to think like victims.

“Why are the media focused on guns?” the conservative TV and radio host asked. “Why isn’t the media focused on the people who are training people to think this way? The media has been stirring this crap up and saying, ‘Hey, when you say Chicago, that’s racist, that’s code language.’ Well, this is the result of all of that bullcrap code language stuff.”

He was specifically referring to this week’s on-air shooting deaths of a young Virginia TV news reporter and her cameraman by a former colleague who said he had been slighted racially by his victims.

But Beck noted that the media are quick to assume conservatives are at fault in many instances.

“When Gabby Giffords was shot, the world stopped and said, ‘Was the Tea Party responsible?'” he said. “No. No. Why isn’t the world stopping and asking are the people in the media, are the Al Sharptons of the world responsible for this kind of thinking?”

Listen to audio via Right Wing Watch:


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