Ed Henry responds to Queen Hillary’s uppity shot

After Hillary Clinton’s snarky confrontation with him earlier Friday, Fox News reporter Ed Henry took the high road in responding to her increasing frustration over his tough questions.

Henry appeared on Fox News’ “The Five” to discuss Clinton’s response to him at a press conference in Minneapolis earlier in the day, when he asked Clinton a series of questions to which Clinton, like a petulant child, made faces and responded by saying, “Let me answer one of your questions, because that’s what I think you are entitled to.”

Henry essentially just reported what had happened, despite host Dana Perino’s telling him he was “entitled to” as much time as he needed to respond.

Henry did say, however, that before he asked his questions Clinton “insisted she’s not frustrated with these questions.”

He said her response to him made her seem “frustrated and defensive.”

Carmine Sabia


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