DNC wants you to know it loves our troops, but can’t tell the difference between US and Polish military

The Democratic National Committee wants you to know it loves and respects U.S. troops. It just has no idea what they look like.

On the committee’s “Veterans and Military Families” website, until Thursday, the one and only picture of the “American Veterans” it says it’s so committed to was of Polish veterans that President Barack Obama met in Warsaw in 2011 when he visited the Polish Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Military Times reported.

Photo via Whitehouse.gov.
Photo via Whitehouse.gov.

The Times reported that the DNC changed the photo within 30 minutes of being informed by the paper that it had a picture of Polish veterans labeled as Americans.

DNC spokesman Eric Walker tried to do some damage control.

“We thank Military Times for bringing this to our attention, and have now fixed the photograph on our website,” he said.

“Whether it’s passing a new G.I. bill, tax credits for hiring veterans, or reducing homelessness among veterans, the Democratic Party’s commitment to our nation’s heroes is unwavering,” he added.

That all sounds nice, but it says a lot that Democrats didn’t even know what an American military uniform looks like.


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