Business Insider puts cross-hairs on Trump photo; Palin was crucified for that

What a difference a few years, and a political party registration makes.

Remember how the liberal media hyperventilated over Sarah Palin’s PAC using cross-hairs to mark targeted districts, one of which included U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., who would later survive being shot by a madman who killed six other people?

Business Insider posted a story this week about the South Carolina GOP targeting Donald Trump, the party’s presidential front-runner, over a potential third party run and used an image of Trump in cross-hairs to promote the story, the Gateway Pundit reported.

A social media user captured the image and posted it on Twitter:

While it’s not hard to imagine the response should Fox News post a similar photo featuring President Barack Obama or likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the national media failed to take notice of an image of the real estate tycoon emblazoned with rifle scope markings.

Business Insider appears to have removed the image, but social media users had their say regardless. Here’s a sampling or responses from Twitter:


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