Bob Beckel returns to cable news after break with Fox . . . reunites with CNN

don-lemon-bob-beckelPolitical analyst Bob Beckel returned to cable news Friday night, this time on CNN, and his opening shot was a joke.

“Now we’re back and reunited together, I think it’s a very important day for America,” he told CNN host Don Lemon.

Fox News Network and Beckel parted ways when he was absent for an extended period dealing with medication addiction issues after back surgery.

The subject of the evening was Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, to whom Beckel referred as “a phenomenon I haven’t seen since Ross Perot.”

Perot was the 1992 independent presidential candidate who picked up nearly 19 percent of the popular vote.

“It’s not what Donald Trump is,” Beckel said. “It’s what he isn’t. He’s not a politician.”

He affirmed that “Trump’s going to be around a while.”

Watch the interview:


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