Zimmerman UNLOADS; calls Obama ‘ignorant baboon’ over his reaction WDBJ shooting

George Zimmerman took to Twitter to unleash a torrent of tweets about the on-air murders of two TV journalists, and aimed his anger at one person in particular: President Barack Obama.

Zimmerman is known for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, 17, in Florida in 2012. He seemingly went underground after he was acquitted of murder, but has recently found a voice — which many people would rather he kept quiet.

Zimmerman in tweets Wednesday bashed both “pansy Fester Lee Flanagan,” the gunman who killed Virginia journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward, and Obama.

While Zimmerman’s argument about the Virginia murders’ not being labeled a hate crime and Obama’s being a divider holds credence, his tweets quickly devolved from there – including a racially charged one aimed directly at the president.

Zimmerman was back at it on Thursday, arguing with his critics and throwing out insults as quickly as they were coming in.

To taunt his critics, Zimmerman posted a picture of himself seemingly enjoying life, waiting for “karma” to catch up with him.


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