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Video: Black Transgender Lives Matter activist booted by security for disrupting Hillary

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The Black Lives Matter movement is again proving to be a nuisance for the hemorrhaging Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

A subgroup called Black Transgender Lives Matter made a ruckus at a campaign stop in Ohio on Thursday. Security eventually had to escort protesters from the area after they repeatedly yelled, “Sen. Clinton! Five black trans women were found murdered in this country!”

“Sen. Clinton! It is a state of emergency!” they added.

GetEQUAL, an LGBTQ activist group, posted video of the protest on Twitter, demanding that Clinton “divest from private prisons.”

Not learning from the last time she tried in vain to appease the BLM movement, Clinton tried to reason with them again.

“I will certainly be happy to meet with you later, but I’m going to keep talking,” she said on the microphone.

But that answer simply wasn’t good enough.

The protesters kept chanting, and Clinton tried to remain composed until security swept the demonstrators away.

The following is footage taken from an activist’s Facebook page, showing security at work.

More footage from today’s action at #HillaryinOH #blacktranslivesmatter

Posted by Angela Peoples on Thursday, August 27, 2015


Here is Clinton talking while the protesters are heard in the background:


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