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Krauthammer slaps Trump with backhanded compliment: ‘Greatest reality TV show ever done’

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trump pollFox News contributor Charles Krauthammer is doing his best to politely delegitimize Donald Trump’s surging presidential campaign.

“His campaign is the greatest reality television show ever done,” Krauthammer said Thursday night on Fox’s “The Kelly File.”

“The question is: Will that win you an election, and will it make you a good president?”

Like him or not, Trump has captured the attention of the nation, and Krauthammer attributes the billionaire’s continued success to his flamboyant style – which hasn’t seemed to sit well with the syndicated columnist since the Republican real estate mogul’s presidential aspirations were announced.

As he has in the past, Krauthammer referred to the sizable percentage of voters who have an unfavorable view of Trump. That is the group, according to Krauthammer, that can cap his surging numbers.

For now, though, Krauthammer acknowledged, “In a field of 17 people, at 28 percent, you’re the king.”

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