Hillary to Ed Henry: I’ll answer only one of your questions because ‘that’s what I think you’re entitled to’

Fox News’ chief White House correspondent Ed Henry has decided that making Hillary Clinton squirm is a noble mission.

And it seems that she’s on to him.

Watch the need for an attitude adjustment surface during Friday’s press conference when she decided that Henry is only entitled to one question:

Henry shared his thoughts about past tense moments with Clinton in a recent Daily Beast article headlined: The Fox News Thorn in Hillary’s Side.

“It sounds goofy, but it’s not just for a ‘moment,’ it’s for the American people to get some answers to these questions whether it’s email, whether it’s the Clinton Foundation, whether it’s her economic plan. And I would argue that it’s not serving her well to not take questions for so long. Because now, when does get questions, she’s struggling.”

Dubbed by Dana Perino, former press secretary to George W. Bush, as “a stone in my shoe,” Henry insists that his questions are fair, according to the Beast.

“I think ‘Did you wipe the server?’ is a pretty direct, fair, blunt question. She repeatedly refused to answer it and then spent three or four days trying to clean it up. That’s called ‘news.’ That’s straight-up journalism.”


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