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Dana Loesch dominates gun-grabber debate so passionate that mics had to be cut

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Kelly Loesch KonstConservative media host and author Dana Loesch blasted liberals who, in typical fashion, think more gun control would lead to fewer gun crimes.

Loesch got into a heated debate with Nomiki Konst, founder of the Accountability Project, on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Thursday in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of two Virginia news reporters on live television Wednesday.

Konst argued that more money had to be spent on mental health and that stricter gun controls needed to be implemented, and that set Loesch off.

“We just spent almost a trillion dollars on Obamacare, and we’re gonna sit here and seriously argue that we’re not spending enough on mental health?” she asked.

“The fact is we have a criminal problem,” she said. “In every single area with the highest gun restrictions we have the highest homicide rates.”

Konst argued that Loesch was incorrect while the two kept shouting over each other.

“It absolutely is, and I did write the book on it,” Loesch shouted, referring to her book “Hands Off My Gun.”

The fight got so contentious and loud that host Megyn Kelly had to cut both of their video feeds.

Watch the battle below:

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