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Biden opposed bin Laden raid – you want him as US president?

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biden-rubio-topperJoe Biden has “a lot of experience being wrong.”

With rumors flying that the vice president is considering a 2016 White House run, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio was asked about Biden’s expected claim to be the “experienced hand in foreign policy.”

The Florida senator let loose.

“Yeah, he has a lot of experience being wrong,” Rubio answered before getting to specifics, after conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt asked the question Thursday.

He was wrong, he didn’t want to do the bin Laden raid. It’s been documented. He was against the bin Laden raid. He’s been wrong time and again on issue after issue. You know, he was a huge fan of the reset with Russia. He’s got a personal friendship with the president of China that he brags about. A guy that he told basically that we talk about human rights for domestic, political purposes, but we don’t really mean it. We’re not going to let human rights get in the way of closer relations between our countries or get in the way of, for example, discussions on climate change. So, Joe Biden is actually a very nice person, but he’s been wrong on every major foreign policy issue before this country over the last 20 years. He would be a disastrous commander in chief.

Listen to the exchange via “The Hugh Hewitt Show”:


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