O’Reilly: Erosion of spiritual belief in this country is causing the barbaric behavior

Stricter gun laws would not have prevented the on-air shooting deaths of a young TV reporter and her cameraman in Virginia on Wednesday, says Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “Sadly, there […]

Krauthammer slaps Trump with backhanded compliment: ‘Greatest reality TV show ever done’

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer is doing his best to politely delegitimize Donald Trump’s surging presidential campaign. “His campaign is the greatest reality television show ever done,” Krauthammer said […]

Joe Biden goofy
Biden opposed bin Laden raid – you want him as US president?

Joe Biden has “a lot of experience being wrong.” With rumors flying that the vice president is considering a 2016 White House run, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio […]

Obama administration just killed McDonald’s as you know it

The Obama administration is still hard at work dismantling the economic engine the late President Ronald Reagan carefully put in place 30-plus years ago, and this time […]

vote ballot box
Across 21 states, 141 US counties have more registered voters than people

No such thing as voter fraud? Ha! The Republican Party’s fight to establish voter identification laws to maintain electoral integrity is regularly met with the claim by Democrats that there’s […]

Trump asked to name his favorite Bible verse; HILARIOUS help will make you laugh out loud!

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump may have been caught off-guard Wednesday when asked to name his favorite Bible verse during an appearance on Bloomberg’s “With All Due […]

Hillary to Ed Henry: I’ll answer only one of your questions because ‘that’s what I think you’re entitled to’

Fox News’ chief White House correspondent Ed Henry has decided that making Hillary Clinton squirm is a noble mission. And it seems that she’s on to him. […]

Tough Ohio sheriff declares war on illegal aliens and employers who hire them

Illegal immigrants in one Ohio county had better watch out, because the sheriff is going after them and any businesses that hire them. Richard Jones, Butler County […]

Sheriff Clarke to Obama: Forgo your Secret Service protection, then we’ll talk, tough guy!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke minced no words in blasting President Barack Obama’s highly politicized response to Wednesday’s horrifying on-air murders of two TV journalists in Virginia. “Here’s my […]

Would Megyn Kelly really leave Fox? Source says she’s prepping to go mainstream

A source who claims to have the inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes at Fox News signaled that the mega cable network’s fastest rising star […]

‘Consider this my declaration’: Novelist Brad Thor ‘declares’ 2016 candidacy ‘to get on stage to shred Trump’

New York Times bestselling thriller novelist Brad Thor hasn’t quite bought into Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s claim that he’s a conservative, and is willing to put […]

Dana Loesch dominates gun-grabber debate so passionate that mics had to be cut

Conservative media host and author Dana Loesch blasted liberals who, in typical fashion, think more gun control would lead to fewer gun crimes. Loesch got into a heated debate with […]