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Mark Levin SHREDS ‘pretend journalist’ Jorge Ramos; ‘bully’ was the nicest part!

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levin-trump-topperConservative author and talk radio host Mark Levin applauded Republican front-runner Donald Trump for removing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a Trump news conference Tuesday.

And as always, he wasn’t mincing words about it.

“Jorge Ramos is a bully, and Jorge Ramos tries to control events,” Levin said during an appearance on “Hannity” Wednesday. “Ramos is a fanatic. He’s obnoxious. He’s a pretend journalist.”

After observing that Ramos claims to be proud of his dual citizenship — United States and Mexico — he tore apart one of Ramos’ claims:

“America’s immigration system isn’t the problem, Mexico’s immigration system is the problem,” Levin said. “Latin America’s immigration system is the problem.”

Levin wondered if Ramos had ever taken the time to read Mexico’s constitution and immigration laws.

“If the United States of America took Mexico’s immigration laws and stamped ‘America’s immigration laws’ on it, then you would see oppression and repression and disaster and calamity,” he said.

He agreed with host Sean Hannity that the other 16 GOP candidates could learn a lot from Trump’s no-nonsense style.

“Talk like a regular person, Americans like it — that’s No. 1,” Levin said.

“No. 2: Use common sense. He’s got a lot of it. No. 3: Don’t allow people to abuse you and smear you and project their agenda on you.”

Levin then went after the Republican establishment, which has been rocked by Trump’s candidacy. The same party elites now attacking Trump would be going after other upstarts, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz or Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker if Trump weren’t in the running, he said.

“If it wasn’t Trump, it’d be Cruz they’d attack,” he said. “If it wasn’t Cruz, it’d be Walker.”

Watch the exchange, via Fox News.


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