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Kimberly Guilfoyle unleashes HELL on Planned Parenthood butchers on ‘The Five’

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five-theIs Planned Parenthood engaging in the kind of activity that made Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell a name that will live in infamy?

“The Five’s” Kimberly Guilfoyle was incensed Wednesday at the release of the latest undercover Planned Parenthood video, and suggested there’s a place in hell waiting for them.

The video coming from the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress depicts Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of intact human fetuses with the CEO of StemExpress, suggesting the possibility of live-birth abortions.

That was what got Gosnell convicted. A jury in 2013 found him guilty of murder in the deaths of three babies born alive in his filthy clinic in Philadelphia.

When co-host Greg Gutfeld introduced the Planned Parenthood segment, he said the anti-abortion group should be awarded for it’s work.

“They did what the mainstream media would never do, piercing an iconic organization that media hacks spend careers covering for,” Gutfeld said. “The CMP dedicated years to this project, exposing a ‘service’ that most people never knew existed — because most journalists chose to ignore it. That’s real reporting.”

While a Pulitzer is out of the question, given the notoriously liberal bent of the mainstream media, Dana Perino said that lately it’s the citizen-journalists that uncover the blockbuster breaking news — not the Woodwards and Bernsteins.

Then Gutfeld turned it over to Guilfoyle, whose head, he noted, was “about to explode.”

She referred to the baby-parts barterers as “the Hannibal Lecter of family planning.”

Then she unleashed.

“You’re a butcherer, you’re a murderer, you have no heart and hell will be waiting for you,” she said.

Watch the video, via Fox News.


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