Conservative author Brad Thor calls out Stephen King on gun rights; and he’s right on target

Call it the battle of the book guys, and the conservative author wins hands down.

The gun-grabbing crowd on the left wasted little time in exploiting the deaths of a Virginia news crew at the hands of a gay black man who used to work with them. Those jumping at the chance to push for gun control included President Barack Obama and best-selling author Stephen King.

King, who we last heard from in June when he went on a Twitter rant targeting the “closed minds on gun control” after the deadly church shooting in Charleston, S.C., was back at it Wednesday, posting this comment:

Chris Loesch, husband of Blaze TV host Dana Loesch, responded with an astute observation, which prompted fellow best-selling author Brad Thor to weigh in, asking social media users to ask King a simple question:

Based on the responses to the above tweets, it’s safe to say that the good guys — the pro-Second Amendment crowd — win hands down.

Here’s sampling of the responses from Twitter:

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