Caught on video: News crew killer in road rage confrontation with white man

The man who viciously gunned down a Virginia news crew was captured on video being involved in a road rage incident less than two months before Wednesday’s fatal shooting.

Brandon Foster recorded Vester Lee Flanagan II, who also went by the name Bryce Williams, after Foster confronted Flanagan at a traffic light for driving erratically, and Flanagan began following him.

At the time, Flanagan was already a ticking time bomb. In a “manifesto” faxed to ABC News on Wednesday, he wrote that he’d put down a deposit a gun on June 17, inflamed with racial hatred after the shooting of nine blacks at a Charleston, S.C., church by a white supremacist.

Flanagan was black. Foster is white.

“I called this man out at a red light for driving like a maniac,” Foster recalled in the video’s description. “He then followed me to my destination driving recklessly, and stopping traffic to continue the argument, the rest is on film.”

A man who appears to be Flanagan is seen in the video standing beside a silver Mustang with a license plate that police say is registered to the killer, according to the New York Daily News.

Little did Foster know at the time, but the man he encountered was indeed a maniac … a homicidal maniac.

In an interview with CNN, Foster explained that the road rage incident took place in July near the WDBJ news station where Flanagan worked before being fired, and where the two journalists killed Wednesday were employed.

“He rolled his window down further and said ‘what’d you say?'” Foster told CNN. “I said, ‘you’re driving like an a–hole in the rain. You’re endangering people’s lives on the road, you a–hole.'”

Foster then muttered something to himself as he walked away that proved to be prophetic.

“You call a guy out for driving like a prick and you think he’s going to lose his mind,” he said.

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