Al Sharpton shoved aside at MSNBC; ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough thanks the boss

“The Rev.” Al Sharpton, the racial antagonist who poses as both a journalist and a reverend, failed miserably at trying to pull a fast one over on his followers Wednesday.

Demoted from his five-day a week “Politics Nation” gig on MSNBC, Sharpton announced that he’ll soon only be gracing the airwaves once a week — on Sunday mornings.

Sharpton used his proficiency in progressive spin when he made his announcement. But sadly for him, it didn’t work.


When you’re demoted in front of the nation what else would you do, but try and word it in your favor.

But seriously, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough really did think it was great. On a segment Thursday discussing poll numbers that show the word “liar” is the one potential voters most associate with Hillary Clinton, Scarborough noted that the worst thing people say about him is that he works for MSNBC.

Maybe moves like Sharpton’s demotion — along with the cancellation of loudmouth Ed Schultz — will help.

Scarborough seemed to think so anyway. Check out the end of the video, where he thanks NBC News chief Andy Lack.

Social media users were glad to see Sharpton go, too.

And tweeters don’t forget a thing:

Here’s a good question:

And here’s the answer:

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