Trump telling GOP behind closed doors he WON’T run a 3rd party bid

That rush of air that may have been felt Wednesday across America was from millions of Republican voters breathing a sigh of relief. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has reportedly done what […]

Conservative author Brad Thor calls out Stephen King on gun rights; and he’s right on target

Call it the battle of the book guys, and the conservative author wins hands down. The gun-grabbing crowd on the left wasted little time in exploiting the […]

Sting video catches Hillary campaign teaching volunteers to skirt the law

A conservative watchdog group known for undercover video exposes put the Hillary Clinton campaign into its sights — and released a video depicting campaign workers for the […]

Kimberly Guilfoyle unleashes HELL on Planned Parenthood butchers on ‘The Five’

Is Planned Parenthood engaging in the kind of activity that made Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell a name that will live in infamy? “The Five’s” Kimberly Guilfoyle was […]

Bold showman Trump invites help from the crowd to settle one HAIRY question

Donald Trump used his bold personality to finally squash a never ending controversy surrounding the presidential hopeful – and silence some doubters. The billionaire-turned-Republican-presidential hopeful invited a […]

Voters use one word to describe presidential hopefuls, and the results are BRUTAL for Hillary

It’s probably not the image Hillary Clinton was trying to cultivate. A new poll released by Quinnipiac University asking voters to describe candidates with one word turned […]

CNN’s Cuomo tries to corner Trump on gun control, but he isn’t playing along

America doesn’t have a gun problem — it has a mental health problem. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made clear that he supports the Second Amendment, notwithstanding […]

Protesters turn out against Arabic immersion curriculum for kindergartners

  Concerned citizens showed up at a Houston school this week to protest the rapid fundamental transformation of America. About 132 kindergartners and pre-K students were already […]

Caught on video: Out-of-control Segway hits the fastest man alive

The competition never got close to Jamaica’s Usain Bolt at the World Athletics Championships 200-meter final in Beijing on Thursday. But an out-of-control Segway nearly did him […]

Tough-talking sheriff has mocking advice for atheists; You don’t like ‘in God we trust?’

A defiant Florida lawman has no intentions of buckling to the attempted bullying of the perpetually offended atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation. After placing “In God We […]

Mark Levin SHREDS ‘pretend journalist’ Jorge Ramos; ‘bully’ was the nicest part!

Conservative author and talk radio host Mark Levin applauded Republican front-runner Donald Trump for removing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a Trump news conference Tuesday. And as […]

Obama ignores racial hate in news crew killings, but guns are more dangerous than terrorism?

Can a guy get more obtuse? President Obama is feeling the wrath of social media after making an incendiary and highly politicized remark about the WDBJ murders […]