Walmart to quit selling AR-15s and gun buyers smell a rat — the liberal kind

walmart-sig-sauerWalmart is confirming rumors that it will quit selling AR-15s and “high capacitymagazines in stores, but denies the move is related to anything but business, saying the decision was “not political” in any way.

Claiming the decision is based purely on sales figures, Walmart’s senior director for corporate communications Kory Lundberg confirmed rumors that the retail giant would no longer be stocking semi-automatic sporting rifles and “high capacity” magazines, and would instead be increasing its selection of more traditional bolt-action hunting rifles, according to Bearing Arms.

Gun Talk radio host Tom Gresham tweeted the news on Tuesday after confirming the report with Walmart’s corporate office.

Making a specific effort to reject the assertion that Walmart was caving to anti-gun pressure, Lundberg claimed instead that the decision was driven by a steep decline in demand for modern sporting rifles, despite the fact that such firearms are among the most popular guns in America.

Given the anti-gun outrage over so called “assault weapons” in recent years, not everyone in the firearms community seemed to believe that the decision was more about business than it was about Bloomberg-style gun grabbing. 

The good news, however, is that Walmart will not be pulling the coveted AR-15s from its shelves immediately. According to Bearing Arms, current inventories will merely not be replaced once they sell out.

And that, of course, means clearance pricing.

So hurry up and rush to Walmart for that new AR-15 — which has been marked down from its already “everyday low price” — before the store becomes an “assault-weapon” free zone.



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