Univision anchor allowed to return to presser so Trump can hand him his . . .

ramos_trump_leftLike a school principal allowing a misbehaving student back into the classroom, after throwing unruly Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of his press conference, Donald Trump allowed him to return.

And Ramos picked up right where he left off.

Watch Ramos being ejected from the press conference.

Ramos is no friend of Trump.  In fact, on CNN Monday, Ramos accused Trump of spreading hate.  When Trump says “immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists,” uses phrases “anchor babies” and “illegals,” Ramos remarked, “This is not political for us, this is personal.”

Ramos maintained that he was there to “simply ask questions.”

Relenting on Ramos, who was still out of the room, Trump said, “I don’t mind if he comes back, frankly.”

Ramos returned—still determined to tangle with Trump—and told him he’s losing the Latino vote.  Trump would have none of it, reminding Ramos that he’s suing Univision for $500 million, then saying he has employed “tens of thousands” of Latinos.

“They love me,” Trump said.

“Here’s what happens.  When I win, you’re going to see things happen.”

Watch the exchange between Trump and Ramos after his return:

Steve Berman


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