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Terrifying video: Gunman shoots news crew during live broadcast; kills reporter and photographer

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A Virginia news crew was shot and killed early Wednesday morning during a live broadcast.

WDBJ reporter Allison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward were broadcasting at Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Va., when a gunman opened fire on them, according to WTVR. Parker was interviewing an unidentified woman, and police have confirmed that there were three victims, although no names have been released.

The terrifying moment was captured on video and can be seen here. The footage does not show the victims being shot, but screaming can be heard.

*Caution: Highly Disturbing Content

(Video availability may be temporary, due to a copyright claims.)

The gunman’s motive is not known and he remains at large — police are hoping to get a description out to the public shortly.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday during a live interview with WTOP radio that authorities believe the gunman who killed the two journalists may be a disgruntled WDBJ employee.

A still shot of the video briefly captured the killer’s image, as seen here:

The CBS affiliate posted this message about the news crew on Twitter several hours after the incident:

An image of Parker, center, and Adams, right, can be seen here from Twitter:


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