Sheriff Clarke: ‘75% of problems in black community are self-inflicted . . . other 25% are inflicted by Democrat Party’

It’s not the message Democrats want you to hear, because it doesn’t blame “racism.”

Screenshot (341)Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t hold back on Tuesday night when he spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity about violence in the black community, saying most of the problems in the American ghetto are “self-inflicted,” and the rest are a result of liberalism.

“Seventy-five percent of the problems in the black community are self-inflicted,” Clarke said. “Things like father-absent homes, things like drug and alcohol abuse, school failure, failure to stay in the workforce. The other 25 percent are inflicted by the Democrat Party with their modern liberalism.”

Clarke argued that the real issues aren’t being addressed the Democrat party — and the mainstream media — would rather push a false narrative aimed at blaming someone (or anyone) else.

“It’s the elephant in the room, Sean, as you know, that the — especially the liberal mainstream media does not want to acknowledge, because it doesn’t fit their false narrative about what’s going on in the American ghetto,” he said.

Outlining the way the liberal agenda has exacerbated the problems in the black community, Clarke argued the Democrat Party’s racial narrative is largely to blame.

“They reward underachievement. They make excuses for criminal behavior, like black-on-black crime. And they blame everybody else for the problems that go on within our community,” he said.

Even worse, Clarke said, the voices of law-abiding citizens concerned with the state of black America are often drowned out by race-baiters and political agitators.

“The overwhelming majority of people that live in the American ghetto are good law-abiding people. But their voice is silenced, and we have to hear from the blowhards, and they’re only — they’re a one trick pony. All they can say is ‘racism.’”

Unfortunately, that “one trick pony” gets an awful lot of media attention.

[Clarke’s comments begin around the 4:30 mark.]

Michael Schaus

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