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Five reasons Jorge Ramos’ version of getting kicked out of Trump presser is laughable

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Fusion’s activist journalist and host Jorge Ramos told his version of how he was thrown out of a Donald Trump press conference in Iowa Tuesday.

Speaking to Fusion correspondent Mariana Atencio, Ramos said that he was kicked out for just doing his job as a reporter.

Jack Burton had a different take, and replied in the comments section of the You Tube video:

1. Trump didn’t call on you, you spoke out of turn.
2. You weren’t “asking questions.” You were ranting off a list of anti-Trump declarations.
3. You were behaving in a belligerent and obnoxious manner.
4. You’re lucky Trump was gracious enough to allow you back in.
5. After you were allowed back in, Trump took all of your questions. Even though you continued to speak over him, Trump destroyed every single one of your nonsensical points.

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