Coulter compares Trump to famous Biblical figure – and it’s not Jesus

coulter_trump_leftAnn Coulter got the crowd fired-up for her candidate, calling the media “speech Nazis” when she introduced Donald Trump in Iowa on Tuesday.

Suggesting that a better term for the un-politically correct “anchor babies” is “anvil babies,” Coulter said, “because that’s what anchor babies are around the necks of the American taxpayer.”

“The Republican Party’s typical position is to preemptively surrender whenever liberals start yelling ‘Ooh, that’s mean, you can’t use that word,’” Coulter said with her trademark sarcasm.

Trump was challenged last week by ABC News reporter Tom Llamas for using the term “anchor baby,” saying the term was offensive.  After hearing a ridiculous suggestion of what he should be saying, Trump replied, “OK…I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’”

Praising Trump for sticking to his guns, Coulter said “Now Americans are finding out, not only about the policy of anchor babies, but the policies of these speech Nazis.”

“When it comes to Donald Trump, maybe it’s better to just keep their mouths shut next time,” she said.

Coulter compared Trump to the biblical Joseph, who was sold into slavery and jailed so that he could rise to power and save the Jews.

“Maybe Mitt Romney had to lose,” she said.  “And maybe Mitch McConnell and John Boehner had to betray us once again to pave the way for President Donald Trump.”

That would be something for Coulter to preach about.

Watch the video below:

Steve Berman


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