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Trump ad uses mama against her son: ‘Even Barbara Bush agrees with me . . . mother knows best!’

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Jeb Bush can’t tell Donald Trump to “leave my mother out of this.”

Trump posted a 15-second video to his Instagram account Monday in which the Bush family matriarch says “we’ve had enough Bushes.”

Framed as “Barbara Bush’s advice to her son Jeb,” the video shows Jeb’s mother (whose husband and son have both ascended to the presidency) appearing on NBC’s “Today Show” in 2013.

At the start of the video, when asked about Jeb, “Would you like to see him run?” Bush responds quickly, “No.”

“I really don’t,” she said, adding, “There are other people out there who are really very qualified,” as images of Trump flash on screen.

“Mother knows best Jeb!” appears after Barbara’s clip, before cutting to Trump’s name and campaign slogan.

Trump eschews traditional advertising for short, impactful videos—frequently taking shots at the other candidates—posted to social media that take advantage of his over 3 million Facebook followers.

Watch the video below.

Even Barbara Bush agrees with me.

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